What is ShoppingFeeder

A simple explanation

In short, ShoppingFeeder makes it easy for you to advertise (and sell) your products on 3rd party platforms, or channels, as we call them.

We (ShoppingFeeder) plug in to your existing system (online shopping cart platform or offline POS/inventory system) to generate structured data files to provide the abovementioned channels.

Once we've plugged into your system, which is generally a very simple process, we allow you full control over how your products get listed/advertised and where they get listed.

We'll also let you manage your stock levels across channels and keep them in sync with your own store.

Some channels require that you provide certain product data that you might not store in your inventory system - we'll let you add any missinng data on the fly on a per-channel basis.

We provide analytics (nice graphs and reports) so you can see where you're advertising your products and see what's selling and what's not selling.

Do you need this?

We think you absolutely do. Many retailers build a store and wait for the customers to magically arrive. Unfortunately this is not generally the case. To build a brand and a well-trafficked store, it's imperative that you promote your products in as many places as possible. Of course this should be done in a managed, cost-effective manner.

ShoppingFeeder makes this multi-channel marketing easy.

What are these channels?

Channels come in various forms. The most popular channels are price comparison services and marketplaces.

Price comparison services are great marketing and traffic-generating tools. They send large amounts of traffic to your store and let you make the sale.

- Some examples of these services are Google Product Search, Shopping.com, Kelkoo, Thefind, etc.

Marketplaces list your products and handle the sale of your product on their platform. They can really increase your headline sales.

- Some examples of these services are Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, etc.

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