Having trouble with Google Merchant Centre?

Having trouble with Google Merchant Centre?

Having trouble with Google Merchant Centre?

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GMC Suspended
Having trouble with GMC? This form has all the information you need to add to your store.

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Additional problems you may encounter include:

Unacceptable Business Practices

You cannot hide or lie about product information, use shady techniques to gain personal information or scam users by hiding information. Find out more from Google about Unacceptable Business Practices.

Shopping Feed Violations

You need to comply with Google's Shopping Feed Policies at all times. Your products could be disapproved if you do not comply with Google policies, which you can read here.

Unavailable landing pages

You must update your website or landing page URL so that it is accessible from all devices, including mobile devices. See more from Google for unavailable mobile landing pages or unavailable desktop landing pages.


You need to be clear and transparent about any promotions you are running. Essentially, Google can disallow your promotions if they misrepresent your products, or prompt users to make purchases or downloads before providing enough relevant information for users. Find out more from Google about Misrepresentation.

No Google Ads Account Linked

You must link your Google Ads account to Google Merchant Center when paying for your Google Shopping Ads. Find out how to do this from Google.

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